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By appointment only, Limited Availability!

I am a sole proprietor and have limited time each day for appointments. To provide the best service possible please, book an appointment and leave information about your machine and the situation in the appointment notes. I will get back to you promptly to assess what you need.


General service, oil change, filter, spark plug, sharpen blades, tune up and adjust what needs adjusting and grease what needs greasing.

Troubleshoot & Repair

Gas leak, oil leak, not starting or something just seems wrong. Generators, Mowers, Grass Trimmers, Mini-bikes, Go-Kart, Leaf Blower, Zero-Turn


If for some reason I can't finish the job on site, I may ask to bring it back to the garage to finish repairs and when complete will return your equipment to you.

Having a small engine that lasts a good 20 years requires checking/changing the oil, air filter and starting it up every couple months to make sure all is good.

Service Call: $45

During the service call I will work on finding the issue and fixing it.

Other things that may be included in the service call are spark plug, air filter and basic carburetor clean.

As fixes become more time consuming and requiring more parts the price will go up depending on what is needed.

  • Plugging a flat tire: $10 per tire
  • Installing new tires: $20 per tire
  • Sharpening blades $5 per blade

All costs will be approved before the work is done.



Distance is measured from the corner of Greenhouse & I-10

Additional Travel Costs
5 - 10 Miles$10
10 - 15 Miles$15
15 - 20 Miles$20
20 - 25 Miles$25
25+ Miles$1.25 per mile


If the repair requires parts that I do not have and I cannot find parts around town, they will need to be ordered. Shipping time may vary from 3-14 days.

These parts are not included in the initial service charge, an additional cost for the part will be added.


Our Schedules Don't Seem To Line Up?

You Don't Have To Be Home, No-Contact Service Is Available

Are you able to put the machine in a safe area where I can access it? Send me a phone number for text, voice, and/or video communication. I will contact you when I have arrived and am ready to work. After the initial diagnosis, I will contact you again with more information. Payment can be made online.

Have a small engine that needs repair?

Go ahead and book an appointment and add information about what needs to be fixed in the appointment notes. I can also give you a call before the appointment so we can talk if needed.

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